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An unorthodox range of scents aimed to liberate. Formulated using the finest natural and animal free ingredients we offer a wide range of items to clean, care, and nourish your face, skin and hair with essential vitamins and natural oils. Clean, groom and then style.


​We have one of the largest scent ranges available and as our scents may appear to be a little unorthodox, feedback suggests that the girl/boy in your life far more appreciates the sweeter scents than the scents of the wild. For those of you who don't give a damn what she/he thinks, we also offer the wild scents of lumberjacks.  

Cola Cubes

Lemon Sherbet

Strawberry Blast

Jelly Beans

Tangerine Jelly

Pineapple Punch

​With the mild scent of Lavender to help you sleep we formulated a rich beard oil to moisturise and condition whilst in the land of nod.

Lavender & Vanilla

​Especially formulated for our shave oil, Peppertree is the combination of Peppermint and Teatree oils to give a fresh and clean scent perfect for that aftershave tingle. 

Peppermint & Teatree

Size Choice

Soy free and vegan, using all natural ingredients. These products will leave your beard bush baby soft and depending on your fragrance, sweeter than a sweet shop or manlier than Chuck Norris.
We offer a convenient tin which fits nicely in your pocket for when you are out and about, or why not choose a larger bathroom size for at home.


Bath Room

Coming Soon

Traditional Manly Scents

Forest Dweller

​Traditional manly scents that make you feel like a truly wild hunter gatherer.

Guru Spirit

Sikh Warrior